Welcome to the Sharing Cities Summit on 10-11 October 2019. You will find practical information on the locations for the summit in Lund and Malmö here and you will find information on hotels and transportation.


Day 1


The summit starts at the Polictical Science Department at Lund University in a conference room call Eden: Here you will find a link to a map with walking instructions.

The summit continues at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University: Here you will find a link to a map with walking instructions.

  • Room 133 (at IIIEE)

  • Room 201 (at IIIEE))

  • Aula (at IIIEE)

  • St. Algatan (next to IIIEE)

Day 2

Buses will take participants from Lund to Sege Park in Malmö and then on to Smart City Sweden in central Malmö. More information on the pick up location coming.

  • Sege Park, Malmö

  • Smart City Sweden, Malmö


Accomodation in Lund, TripAdvisor
Accomodation in Lund, Booking.com 
Accomodation in Lund, Hotels.com
Accomodation in Lund, Airbnb.com


Trains and buses: Skånetrafiken regional trains and busses as well as city buses. You can buy tickets on your smart phone with the Skånetrafiken App.

Bikes: Here you can rent or borrow a bike to get around.

Taxi: There are several taxi companies, including Taxi Skåne, Dalby taxi, Taxi Lund, Sverigetaxi and Taxikurir. Uber is available in both Lund and Malmö.

Car: Here is a map with the parking spaces in Lund; and here is the map with the parking spaces in Malmö.

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