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Sharing Cities Sweden aims to put Sweden on the map as a country that actively and critically works with the sharing economy in cities. The objectives of the program are to develop world-leading test-beds for the sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå as well as develop a national node to significantly improve national and international cooperation and promote an exchange of experience on sharing cities. Read our brief flyer










Sharing Cities Sweden will develop world-leading test-beds for the sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå. Through test-beds, sharing services and digital solutions will be developed. The opportunities and risks of the sharing economy will be tested and evaluated.

Sharing Cities Sweden will establish a national node to significantly improve national and international cooperation and promote an exchange of experience on sharing services. The test-beds will be supported by a national node for coordination, national learning and international exchange.

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Sharing Cities Sweden is actively organizing events, workshops, publications and activities to support a creative discussion about the sharing economy in cities. Read all of our news


Sharing City Malmö – Award Nomination

Sege Park in Malmö has been nominated to the Plan Award 2018. The prize is awarded in March 2019. Sege Park is a development area that is a platform for urban innovation and a meeting point for creating sustainable cities and the developing the sharing economy.

Governing Sharing Cities

A new report on governing the sharing economy in cities has been published by Sharing Cities Sweden in January 2019. The report investigates both Malmö and Gothenburg, and presents a framework for understanding the role of municipalities in governing sharing cities. The report has been based on extensive case study research and interviews.


Smarta Kartan in Malmö

Collaboration between the Göteborg test-bed and Malmö test-bed on Smarta Kartan is underway. Smarta Kartan in Göteborg aims to promote access rather than ownership to people and visitors to the city. It highlights current and up-coming activities and networks throughout the city on the sharing economy. The City of Malmö is launching a Smarta Kartan for Malmö, and the process begins on 28 January 2018 to map sharing economy initiatives in the city.

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Analysing Sharing Economy Services in Sweden

In January 2019, researchers and practitioners in Sharing Cities Sweden published a joint article on sharing economy services in Sweden. The aim of the article is to identify recurrent patterns but also similarities and differences between different types of sharing services, including car pools, bike pools, sharing of tools and equipment, sharing of land for urban farming, sharing of parking and homes, and co-working spaces.

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Sharing City Stockholm – Academic Articles

In January 2019, researchers in Stockholm published two articles on the sharing economy and cities. The first on assessing the environmental potential of sharing services, which indicates that there is significant potential for sharing services to reduce environmental impacts associated with production and consumption through avoiding production and reducing the production impacts of new product purchases. The second on connecting idle capacity with users focusing on business and digital platform aspects fort sharing services. The findings and research contributions are: a more clear definition of sharing services using the model with closed/open sets of both users and resources (providers); identification of key values of a sharing service platform (as compared to values of a product or a rental service); and a list of key features to implement in sharing service platforms.

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Sharing Cities Alliance Magazine

In December 2018 in the online magazine for the Sharing Cities Alliance there is an interview article with Simo Sulkakoski from Lund University on the role of municipalities in developing and shaping the sharing economy. The article is based on research by Simo Sulkakoski for Sharing Cities Sweden into cities in Sweden focusing on Malmö and Göteborg.

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Viable Cities Outlook Day

On 4 December 2018, Sharing Cities Sweden participated in the Viable Cities Outlook Day in Stockholm, Sweden. Viable Cities is a Swedish strategic innovation program for smart and sustainable cities. The event focused on the strategic projects within Viable Cities including aims, expected impacts and synergies. The national node and test-beds all presented at the event and engaged in the interactive exercises.

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