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Sharing Cities Sweden aims to put Sweden on the map as a country that actively and critically works with the sharing economy in cities. The objectives of the program are to develop world-leading test-beds for the sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå as well as develop a national node to significantly improve national and international cooperation and promote an exchange of experience on sharing cities. Read our brief flyer










Sharing Cities Sweden will develop world-leading test-beds for the sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå. Through test-beds, sharing services and digital solutions will be developed. The opportunities and risks of the sharing economy will be tested and evaluated.

Sharing Cities Sweden will establish a national node to significantly improve national and international cooperation and promote an exchange of experience on sharing services. The test-beds will be supported by a national node for coordination, national learning and international exchange.

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Sharing Cities Sweden is actively organizing events, workshops, publications and activities to support a creative discussion about the sharing economy in cities. Read all of our news

Podcast on Scooters, Sharing and Sustainability

In this podcast, launched in May 2019, there is a discussion on the sharing economy from a broad perspective, before elaborating on business models in the sharing economy, as well as discussing the possibilities and problems that come with sharing schemes. Nancy Bocken (who leads a strategic project for Sharing Cities Sweden on business models) is interviewed as well as representatives from the cities of Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm, who share some insights about sharing cities. Check out this podcast!

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Sharing City Malmö – Exhibition on Sharing Economy

NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) is an exhibition on the sharing economy inside the framework of Sharing Cities Sweden running from March-May 2019 in Malmö at the Form Design Centre. Through illustrations, animations and objects, the exhibition explores how the sharing economy aims to use resources more smartly and more efficiently.

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Sharing City Umeå – Award Nomination

Cykelstället in Umeå has been nominated to an award as “Samhällsbyggare”. The prize is awarded in May 2019. Cykelstället is a place where there is a bicycle garage, bicycle parking under cover and a service station to wash bikes and carry out simple repairs. As well as a play area for children


French–Swedish Conference on Smart and Sustainable Cities

On 9 April 2019, Charlie Gullström (Stockholm test-bed coordinator) presented Sharing Cities Sweden at a conference on smart and sustainable cities for increased French-Swedish collaboration. The theme of smart cities was selected as a key pillar of the French-Swedish Partnership for Innovation and Green Solutions. The activities and ambitions of test-beds in Sharing Cities Sweden was presented. 

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Study Tour #5 – Malmö @ Sege Park

Sharing City Malmö organised a study tour in Sege Park on 9 April 2019. The purpose of the study tour was to see how the principles of the sharing economy are being integrated into the design and development of buildings and infrastructure in Sege Park. The visit was focused on building 14 as a sharing hub for Sege Park.

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Evaluations Workshop #6 – Sharing Cities Sweden

An evaluations workshop for Sharing Cities Sweden was organised in Lund on 8 April 2019. The purpose of the event was to explore business models and the sharing economy in cities. Current and possible future business models were mapped through the ecology of business models framework. Synergies between test-beds and data availability were discussed.

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Sharing Cities Seminar on Business and Behaviour

On 8 april 2019, Sharing Cities Sweden organized a seminar as part of Sustainability Week at Lund University on the sharing economy in cities focusing on learning about business models and behavioural economics. Over 80 people attended the event from academia, municipalities and business. 

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Sharing Cities Sweden – Synthesis Report

In April 2019, Sharing Cities Sweden published a synthesis report entitled Sharing Cities: Exploring the Emerging Landscape of the Sharing Economy in Cities. It captures the lessons learned and ambitious goals of the test-beds in Stockholm, Malmö, Umeå and Göteborg. The document contains articles on the journeys of the test-beds, a discussion of designing test-beds as urban living labs, insights into governing sharing cities, and an overview of strategic thinking on sharing cities.

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Sharing City Göteborg – Launching Smarta Kartan 2.0

The sharing economy is here to stay and more and more people are discovering the benefits of renting, sharing, exchanging, borrowing and giving. In connection with the release of an updated version of Smarta Kartan, all residents of Gothenburg are invited to a launch event on 4 April 2019 in order to test the new Smarta Kartan 2.0 together.


Interview with Program Coordinator

The program coordinator for Sharing Cities Sweden, Kes McCormick, was interviewed for the Nordic Report. He talked about the place and role of the Nordic countries in greening the economy and the advancing sharing economy. The interview was published in March 2019.

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Study Tour #4 – Umeå

Sharing City Gothenburg organised a study tour in Umeå on 6 March 2019. The purpose of the study tour was to learn about the sharing economy activities in Umeå with a visit to FabLab Umeå – an open workshop with a range of digital manufacturing and prototyping tools.

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Evaluations Workshop #5 – Sharing Cities Sweden

An evaluations workshop for Sharing Cities Sweden was organised in Umeå on 7 March 2019. The purpose of the event was to identify synergies and opportunities between the test-beds in Sharing Cities Sweden and strategic projects on sharing business models, sharing behaviour, sharing digital platforms, sharing towns and sharing communities.

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Cooperative Cities Conference

On 7-8 March 2019, a conference on the theme "the city as a jointly owned sharing platform" was organized in Umeå. The purpose was to "explore cooperative digital platforms with a focus on sustainability in all dimensions". Among the speakers at the Cooperative Cities Conference were representatives of Swedish cities and organisations as well as various types of cooperative platforms. Through the conference a new meeting place was created to share knowledge of digital infrastructure that is crucial for promoting sustainable lifestyles.

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Sharing City Malmö – Award Nomination

Sege Park in Malmö has been nominated to the Plan Award 2018. The prize is awarded in March 2019. Sege Park is a development area that is a platform for urban innovation and a meeting point for creating sustainable cities and the developing the sharing economy.

National Working Group on Service and Mobility Hubs

In February 2019, a report that compiles examples and knowledge on service and mobility hubs has been published. The report provides a valuable basis for discussion, learning and improved understanding of the possibilities and challenges for designing and developing service and mobility hubs in Sweden. A national working group has been established to further collaborations on the topic. 

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Governing Sharing Cities

A new report on governing the sharing economy in cities has been published by Sharing Cities Sweden in January 2019. The report investigates both Malmö and Gothenburg, and presents a framework for understanding the role of municipalities in governing sharing cities. The report has been based on extensive case study research and interviews.


Smarta Kartan in Malmö

Collaboration between the Göteborg test-bed and Malmö test-bed on Smarta Kartan is underway. Smarta Kartan in Göteborg aims to promote access rather than ownership to people and visitors to the city. It highlights current and up-coming activities and networks throughout the city on the sharing economy. The City of Malmö is launching a Smarta Kartan for Malmö, and the process begins on 28 January 2018 to map sharing economy initiatives in the city.

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