Sharing Cities Summit 2019

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Thank you for showing interest in attending the Sharing Cities Summit. Please confirm your attendance by completing the form below as places are limited at the summit. A brief overview of the event is presented below. See more information on the emerging program (updated over time) of the event as well as the practical information on the location and logistics.

Program in parts

Conference @ Lund University on 10 October Inspirational opening plenary, interactive lunch and breaks, and workshops bringing together a diverse audience and presenters of practitioners and researchers to explore sharing cities and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Exhibition @ Sege Park in Malmö on 11 October A world-leading urban development project integrating the sharing economy into planning and infrastructure as well as an opportunity to explore and learn from the experiences and findings of test-beds in Stockholm, Malmö, Umeå and Göteborg.

Seminar @ Smart City Sweden on 11 October A seminar organized at Smart City Sweden with a focus on using city planning, development and the sharing economy as leverages to achieving smart and sustainable cities. Concluding the summit, connecting the dots and looking forwards.

Program in brief

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A warm welcome to the event!

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